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Vata Dosha Yoga
Warming, and calming, this vinyasa incorporates moves from traditional Indian dance. Vata Dosha Yoga is gentle and flowing, perfect for the creative, and active, Vata dominant mind and body.

Pitta Dosha Yoga
Soothing and cooling, the Pitta Dosha Yoga routine brings us focus and clarity. This is a challenging vinyasa that helps to relieve stress, and works especially well for balancing fiery Pitta energy.

Kapha Dosha Yoga
Energizing and invigorating, the Kapha Dosha Yoga routine really gets us going! Lots of movement, this vinyasa helps us to build both strength and endurance.

Living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle
Dosha Diva Lissa Coffey takes us through the basics of Ayurveda and shows us how to go about our day the Ayurvedic way.

Hemalayaa was raised with traditional Eastern values, and has dedicated her life to the study of Yoga. Lissa Coffey, the author of “What’s Your Dosha, Baby?” has found her dharma in bringing Ayurveda to the western world. To learn more about Dosha Yoga, and take the free online quiz to determine your dosha, visit:



Bringing your mind and body to a state of balance and bliss

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